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Garbage classification cloud tube in action

Issuing time:2019-09-06 09:29

The garbage is divided into one point, and the environment is very beautiful. With the launch of the garbage classification demonstration sites in Zhengzhou Huiji District, various garbage classification and publicity activities are being carried out in an orderly manner.

     Recently, according to the requirements of the Huiji District Waste Sorting Office, various garbage sorting operators started preparations for the weekend resource recycling day activities. The aim is to attract citizens to participate actively through small games, prizes and questions, and participate in garbage sorting in the game. Understand the importance of waste sorting, and at the event site, for some large items, or can not put in the recyclables of smart waste sorting equipment, the staff will carry out on-site weighing points.

 As the sky is bright, the community environmental supervisors begin to prepare for the publicity work and organize the community promotion banners.

   Garbage classification, national action, “Recycling Day” activities are carried out in various communities every weekend. The staff has set up a quiz with questions and answers. By setting up small questions related to garbage classification, the correct citizens can get rewards and fully mobilize the citizens. Participate in the enthusiasm of garbage sorting.

The supervisor, Auntie, enthusiastically sent the garbage classification leaflet to the residents to explain the garbage classification knowledge.

    When asked about the troubles of the three days, the supervisor Aunt said: "Tired is tired, but we feel that this is worth doing. The garbage sorting supervisor plays a very important role. I am willing to do one for this. In the face of enthusiastic citizens, the supervisors have been busy from morning till night, and have not even had time to drink saliva. At the same time, they kept their hands, kept talking, and enthusiastic about environmental protection. In addition, the household visits face-to-face to promote waste sorting and help residents to recycle resources.

    In the hot summer days, our garbage sorting supervisors chose to devote themselves to the waste sorting, to be a pioneer in the classification of waste, to stick to their posts at high temperatures, and to invest more people in the environmental revolution of the country and the people.

    "The face-to-face garbage classification and publicity on the resource recycling day can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the citizens for waste sorting. It is of great significance for the implementation of the pre-distribution of waste sorting and the promotion of the pilot waste sorting work." Wu Hao, the manager of the department, said that at present, the pilot community responsible for waste sorting operations in Henan Yunzhu has rural scenery, Ming Cuiyuan, Beijun, Huiyuan, Huilong, Huicheng, etc. After several periods of resource recycling activities, residents’ garbage The awareness of classification has been significantly improved.

    It is reported that according to the work plan of the waste classification office of Huiji District, in the future, every 500 to 1000 households will be equipped with a set of intelligent garbage sorting equipment to guide residents to gradually develop the habit of active classification of domestic garbage. On the basis of the results and experience of the pilot, it will be carried out in a comprehensive manner. Before the end of 2018, the waste classification of Huiji District will cover 30% of living quarters and about 36,000 residents in 15 communities. It is believed that through active piloting and extensive publicity, our waste sorting work will be carried out smoothly and our living environment will be greatly improved.