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Beijing Zhibo Fair

Issuing time:2014-04-20 10:48

Zhuhai Yunzhu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited its corporate style at the China (Beijing) International Intelligent Technology Application Expo from 2014.9.16~19!

At this exhibition, Yunchuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. displayed the only solar energy intelligent garbage bin in the country and the leading electronic intelligent sensor trash can in the industry.

“Solar Smart Dustbin” is a brand new outdoor bin. It uses solar energy to provide functions such as compression of garbage, automatic switching of the dispensing port, removal of odors from garbage, voice broadcast time or advertisement, anti-theft waterproofing and online browsing, and automatic sending of SMS reminders when the garbage is full. More importantly, the supporting garbage bin also has a complete software system. Through this system, the staff can know the situation of each garbage bin at any time, and can collect the best collection route with one click when collecting garbage. The solar smart garbage bin is mature and humanized, realizes waste sorting, improves waste disposal efficiency, and realizes the functions of energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, cost saving and urban image enhancement. It can be widely used in various public places such as parks, streets, public offices, etc. It is a new type of high-efficiency and environmentally friendly intelligent products.

The electronic sensor trash can developed by Yunchuan Technology is also the industry's leading product. Its standby power consumption is one tenth of other products in the market, and it is very energy efficient. The sensing distance is twice that of other products in the market, making consumers have a more relaxed experience. Huatong's electronic sensor trash can also use a button to switch the trash can lid, while other products on the market require two buttons to achieve. Therefore, Huatong Technology has always been the industry leader!

At the exhibition, solar waste bins attracted the attention of many people. Visitors expressed their amazement and praise for the realization of a networking function in the garbage disposal. The sensory trash can attracts many dealers and agents, and many visitors consulted for exclusive agency in Beijing.

The following is a photo of the exhibition site.