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Future trash can

Issuing time:2019-09-06 10:32

In the future, you will find that after people throw garbage into the trash can, they always have to wait in the trash for a while. Why? It turned out that the trash can is called "Multifunctional Solar Scanning Trash." It has four models, each with its own function.

The first type is called "cloud can be recycled" trash can. When people want to throw garbage, if they throw in a garbage that is not recyclable, when they enter the trash can, the two infrared scanners next to the trash can scan and find that they do not meet the recyclable garbage. Therefore, the bottom of the trash can. The jet box "jets up, throwing out the garbage that is not recyclable, and people have to throw the garbage back into the right trash can." If your trash is sprayed out, but you are not worried, the infrared scanner will scan your face and pass it to the core processor of the "Cloud Control Center". At this time, the processor will query your phone number based on your face and deduct the corresponding phone bill. Conversely, if you can properly deliver garbage at a time, the processor will send you a call.

The second, third and fourth are other, non-recyclable and harmful. In the night, the four kinds of garbage bins will open the hidden wheels. By the light of the night light of the flashlight, the garbage will be taken to the corresponding treatment plant. After the garbage is disposed, the garbage can be returned to the original place for "hibernation." ""

In addition, each trash can has a camera on the "head", the camera takes pictures 24 hours a day, and sometimes can help the police handle the case! Behind the trash can, you can also install an anemometer, a wind vane, and so on. Every other month, the trash can pass all the data to the meteorologist. How about, the future trash can is good!

         Please continue to pay attention to our cloud technology, let us witness the arrival of these trash cans!