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Yunchuan Technology will bring solar environmental protection trash can to the 16th Shenzhen High-Te

Issuing time:2015-04-17 11:03

“Garbage Besieged City” has become an important environmental issue in many cities. In many streets, it is often seen that the trash can is full, which affects the city. At the 16th Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, Zhuhai Huatong Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited a solar-friendly environmental waste bin that can compress garbage. It is hoped that the solar energy-saving garbage can can be promoted by the high-tech fair to make the garbage disposal of the city more energy-efficient. The city's cityscape has become more beautiful.

As the name implies, the solar-powered environmental waste bins are powered by solar panels, which require only a small amount of sunlight to compress the garbage. At the same time, there is also a sensor in the trash can, which automatically turns on the device to compress the garbage when the garbage accumulates to a certain height. The trash can is equipped with a simple storage battery to store the solar energy absorbed by the sun, so that the trash can can operate normally even in rainy days. The solar-friendly environmental waste bin can hold 600 liters of garbage, and its capacity is 6-10 times that of ordinary trash cans. At present, some solar energy environmental waste bins have been put into trial operation in Hengqin New District, Gongbei Port and Xiangzhou District Commercial Street in Zhuhai City.

In addition, the solar-friendly trash can automatically send text messages to the cleaner's mobile phone after the garbage is full. As some of the trash cans in the downtown business district are quickly full, the cleaners are not very good even if they are busy, and sometimes the stuffed garbage will overflow from the trash. In fact, the garbage in the trash can is very fluffy, especially the carton, plastic drink cup, plastic drink bottle is very occupied. If the fluffy garbage can be compressed in the same way as the compressed biscuits, a trash can can hold more garbage, which saves the garbage bin resources and the cleaner's physical strength, and is more environmentally friendly.

The solar energy environmental protection trash can also has the functions of automatic sensor switch, rainproof, anti-theft, and automatic route planning. Can be widely used in parks, streets, public offices and other public places.